I'm really tired of how girls are treated in league

This is a bit of a rant concerning my most recent game yet it's not just this incident to be clear. I'm so god damn sick AND TIRED. Of the whole "You cant play video games because you're a girl mentality" Like it's so horrifying that if i play support im -a brain dead egirl -just sucking off an elodaddy uwu -anything other than someone who LIKES playing support and the worst part is? I'm . not . even . a . support . main. My top 10 champions are all mid laners (With the exception of evelynn) But me playing sona like once in a blue moon makes me a braindead egirl who cant think for herself? Now this game in particular pissed me off because at the very start i got hooked through minions (you know the bullshit where the hook can go through minions bc of that lasso coding? Aids btw) Khazix says "Shut up egirl just take it like a good girl would" i thought i was going to throw up. I muted him of course, however ahri non stop "shut up egirl" "ur bad egirl" I saved her life "finally you're useful for something" Like its straight up degrading to play as a girl and we all fucking know it. Some girls deadass change their names because god fORBID a girl plays league of legends right? I've also seen it more in high elo than anything "gIrLs cAnT pLay lEaGuE tHaTs wHy tHeY aReNt iN cOmPetItIve" And yes sure in some way men are probably like biologically better than women at some things regarding video games SURE WHY NOT. But like can we fucking chill on the flame. I'm obviously not too terrible if I'm plat with an above 50% wr right? Right. I know there are gonna be lots of comments that are going to be skeptical of this or just simply the "well i don't see this personally so this must not happen" But i genuinely ask you to pay attention. Even go to a girls stream for example. Check the comments. Even observe some of your friends that are girls chat logs in game. I know it's hard for some people to sit there and be like "yeah that's fucked up" But i want you to listen and understand that a lot of the time we just want to play the fucking game and relax. I'm just fucking over it. Thank you for listening to my rant. Gn

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