'report them and they will get banned'

this is what rito supporters tell me everytime i complain bout trolls. but to no surprise, noone ever gets banned. recently i got banned for 14 days for saying 'neck yourself' to someone who was constantly flaming me. i not justifying anything here, but i have never gotten a chatban, but i have gotten several 14-day-bans for nonsense like this. besides 'neck yourself' doesn't officially mean anything, but when you tell them that they ll just quote the urban dictionary and say that it's the same as 'kys' and that that is the same as 'wishing someone harm' (while in an earlier ticket they told me 'kys' is the same as a death threat.) anyway, that's all fun and games, but when someone actualy wishes someone harm, and says "i hope your brother gets raped by four 14 inch black dick and that your mother has you watch this act" (actual quote from someone) then rito doesn't do anything. when people int (and admit it), nothing happens. when people rage from min 1 but don't use certain words, nothing happens. You can say 'kys stupid bush%%%%%%'(again, actual quote) and nothing happens, but still rito keeps telling me 'just report them and they will get banned' which is at this point just laughable. currently i am tracking about 10 summoners to see if they ll ever get banned, but so far, none of em has been banned. I have made tickets regarding their rage/int/troll/whatever but rito just ignores them. also, talking to rito supports is like talking to one of those scambots trying to get your bankdetails; it doesn't matter what you say or what you ask, they ll just ignore it completely and tell you the same irrelevant nonsense over and over again.
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