Silver mentality

getting counter picked and then having their support sit in your lane and get 2v1 tower dove over and over while pleading and begging for help in chat while your team just ignores you and doesnt respond untill they are pushing inhib tower then wanna flame and do nothing but blame you the rest of the game for their shitty map awareness as well as their inability to help anyone but themselves. then all they say in all chat is "report nasus feeding report nasus shitty player kill yourself uninstall" the entire time im pleading with them to help me "youre nasus all you need to do is farm and you will be ok just shut the fuck up and farm noob" bot lane also lost to the sivir who was 0 and 3 and lost turrent first because she was able to poke them out of lane. mid did well aside from his stupidity of thinking i didnt need help against 2v1 sometimes 3v1 when the jungler ganked all our jungle did was complain that the level 1 gank he did didnt work when i didnt have with i had siphon strike. the enemy team thought they were gods because i was so heavily suppressed i didnt hit 500 stacks till 30 minutes. and by then i didnt have the items i needed to help so it was a mute point. this is just an example. its a never ending shit show of no one wanting to help the heavily ganked player and then blame for the game going to hell because they are struggling and trying to be safe and instead find the majority of the enemy team land on them

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