Riot you client is basically Rotting down at this point

The bugs are multipliyng you cant instantly open hextech crafting instanly when you click on it you need to switch between the shop and the hextech crafting a few times so it will load your shop takes ages to load (not like the old store that would take 3 seconds) and then yesterday i found out the most frustrating one yet. I dont get trials coins after finishing a game i have the pass and they will apper to be earned but when i open my hextech crafting they will be still in the same number 1438.Also at the time of this bug i was at the Trialls mission Challenge 9 for whatever reason am back at 8... Last thing to mention the "first win of the day mission" and the trilas first win of the day would seem to repeat them selfs and "give" me their exp blue essence and trials coins.
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