What can I do to rank up

I dont even know where to start from. Im an average league player that was playing mid most of the time. I was put in gold II and I saw that in 90% of my matches, myself (mid) and the top laner won their lanes but bot lost like hell. It was always something like 1/15 bot, 2/20 bot, 3/17 bot. and I cound't win like this. I decided to play bot myself, to see how bad can a person lose his/her lane. As I started playing bot, I started winning a lot, and reached plat IV from GII in 2-3 days. the thing is that, from plat IV, mid and top start losing their lanes and the jungle doesnt give a f about ganking or drakes or baron. If I want to switch from bot to mid or top, then bot will lose and its the same thing. Also I forgot to mention the mental capacity of my team when It comes to teamfights. mid/top is always farming, and when they are with us they are focusing support or the tank and things like that. What can you do to not get matched with people like this. what can you do to win in those situations, when your other lanes have more deaths than you can count?
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