Let's talk about the champs that make you ragequit and the unleashes the void in your soul.

We all know that some champs are stronger then others, or just less fun to play against, but those will just ruin your existence and day. Let's start with the "Lemme reach level 16 and i win" champ.{{champion:10}} {{champion:10}} That fucker here it's the reason you lose game because the 0/8 kayle exist in the same game as you. Too many times i lost game where my whole team was ultra feed and then she leveled up and won alone. I remember a game where we had a toxic vlad and kayle that kept just stealing everything from us (jungle and minions) and they where bad af. They enemy team was composed of only feed mages (neeko, morgana, leblanc and so on), moral of the story? Vlad and kayle won the game by themself, 2vs5. Then let's get to "i outskilled you" champs. {{champion:84}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:35}} You are walking down midlane, then you see one of those. In about half a seconds, you are dead, without having time to react. {{champion:84}} With her beautiful spammable stealth, oneshot mechanics and 4 dashes with a spammable slow. Oh let's not forget, you can build everything on here, literally. But you can't build against, cause her mixed dmg will break trough your defenses. {{champion:28}} Farming alone in lane, then the damn hearth appears up your head. Well, you are dead. Get charmed for forever, then Q,E,R in about half a second and you are dead. But mostly, if she gets away, thanks to her passive, she will get almost to full health in no time. {{champion:55}} Good luck hitting her. If you are a squishy, forget to exist in the same game as her, because you will get oneshot in no time. She will just keep dashing in every direction without any way to counter her, while healing for insane amount of hp. {{champion:133}} You are laning against her, then she disappear for about 2 seconds. You think "oh well, she's warding" then you see that she just got a doublekill mid, and in another 3 seconds she's back to you. Her movement speed just let's her roam the map freely without any counter, cause 1500 ms it's just a bit hard to spot, specially after she oneshots you. {{champion:555}} You hear that damn sound, then the waves, then you are no longer alive. Pyke is a pain in the ass no matter the role. He will just back off, heal all the dmg you dealt to him, then he will fight you again. Then an AoE execute with a reset that generates extra gold for your teammates seems a good idea. {{champion:37}} We got our dear support, that will always be a plastic 5 in your team, but a free win in the other team. She can run faster, heal more, and outdmg alot of champs. Imagine soraka ult, but make it has a basic ability, with extra shields. In the late game, during teamfights, you will need to basically kill the enemy team 2/3 times by just smashing the keyboard. PS: you will say "Just kill her first" We all know we must do that, but try to get to her if her team decided to protect her at all cost. {{champion:35}} "Wanna hear a joke? me for not having dodged this game" No matter the lane you are in, he will appear, backstab you, then ignite you and you will be dead. and he will do this over, and over, and over. Oh let's not forget his traps that deal enough dmg that 2 of them early game+ignite will kill you. Then let's get reach the "you will need the help of the old gods to beat my lane" champs. {{champion:238}}{{champion:420}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:350}} {{champion:238}} The god himself. Oneshot at level 3, oneshot at level 6, then oneshot at every level. He can just delete you from the game, while roaming, killing under tower, oneshotting toplaners and everything, while begin able to escape from every gank with his W. You will just become a minion by the time that the laning phase ends. {{champion:420}} This time, she is the one controlling the goddes. Press E, deal about 70% of your health bar even tho you are build tank, repet. You get close to her? R. You are dead by the moment she pressed that key. You try to 5 man gank her? she just got a pentakill. Oh you know those tentacles that spawn everywhere, and will hunt you for about 15 seconds? They will be able to basically two shot you. Won't forget the game when i was prerework and prenerf {{champion:6}} , while begin 8/1 and her begin 1/9 (she got that kill early) and even tho i had 3000+ hp and 173 armor, she dealt 2400 hp from a single E, while she was under tower. {{champion:142}} You got just oneshot from a missle that makes light look slow coming from 3 different angles. if you survive, you try to flash, but she flashes again, then again. You try to ignite her, but she ignites you back. Oh and let's not forget the {{item:3030}} active at level one that she spams 2 times if she gets lucky out of her ass. {{champion:350}} At first impact, i was thinking that she would be a balanced champ to play and play against. I was wrong. Are you ready to enjoy a lane with a constant poke that deals 200 dmg at early levels and that you cannot escape from because she can just point her mouse over you. Then, if you don't have people that can do a bazillion dmg in an instant like {{champion:63}}, the enemy adc will just live trough everything, while gaining extra dmg. Won a lane as veigar and yuumi against xerath and draven. I felt ashamed of my actions. In the end, it doesn't even matter, because some of them will be nerfed and others will get their thrones. But, some of them are just the living embodiment of pain because of their dumb mechanics or just overloaded kits. You can try to nerf them, but since they are designed to be awful, they will be either useless or op. The only way should be reworking the abilities that makes them broken like ({{champion:133}}'s R to something that can be countered. What do you guys think?
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