Tank meta is gone because of Pyke / Urgot / Elder Dragon.

I don't need to say anymore. Execute champions like Jhin were "passable", because you have the slight chance of having enough armor to live on 17 HP after his fourth shot. Then the mixed damage threat, Kai'sa was a problem. Not a BIG problem, but a problem for tanks. This wasn't broken, it just means you're dying to her auto attacks or her passive depending on if you make armor or MR. But Urgot and Pyke screwed tanks over completely. Being able to instakill a tank from range ( Not looking at Cho-gath because he has no mobility, so if you die to him you deserved it. ) is broken. Being able to instakill is broken. And now you're adding an instakill for the instakiller's. Great. Amazing. Thank you. All tanks can rely on is shield meta now, which is slowly dying with; again; executes ignoring shields.
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