It's not hard to spend 800g

When you're being run down by a Mundo every fight, it isn't hard to think "maybe I should buy Grievous Wounds." Maybe you didn't think of it? Thankfully your jungler was kind enough to suggest it. It's not hard to think "they have a Hecarim alongside that Mundo, they are stacking armor and running me down. maybe i should get pen." Again, maybe you didn't think of it. But when, after losing a critical fight at Baron, your jungler tells you "you NEED pen, it isn't optional" and you say "yeah i know" and _sell your boots for RAGEBLADE???_ That's a conscious choice to not help yourself, and to screw over your team. Spending 800 g {{item:3123}} isn't hard. Winning the game as a 26-kill Cait with 3 frontliners isn't hard. Except for you, I guess.

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