Leavers are still very prevalent. Your punishments aren't working well enough!

/start rant Leavers are still very prevalent. Riot, your punishments aren't working well enough! Players like me need to be grouped with other players who do not leave on purpose. The leaver seems to always be on my side as well. Why am I grouped with these players in ANY mode?! I've played thousands of games and have roughly 2-3 leaves total over the course of 9-10 years and they were due to internet/power outages. 2-3 leaves in 10 years is what I consider the standard.. Not once, twice, thrice a day/week/month even~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life happens, I get ithat, but 30-40% of the leaves are from players dying 2-3 times within the first 5 minutes so they just quit. The rest are 'connected' and 'alive' but never buy a gear and we don't have the remake option. Group the leavers with other leavers. This will be the punishment they deserve. When they complain about other leavers, then they will realize what they do to others who don't deserve it. I personally would rather a player who isn't doing so well (not talking about toxic) than a leaver! There are more punishments being doled out regarding toxicity than to leavers. Why does anyone care about toxicity when we can control them with mutes? We cannot control leavers!! The rule needs to be leavers get grouped with other leavers. IDC if they make another account because at that point they won't even be grouped with me! /end rant
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