Do something about the imbalances in ranked!

Why the fuck am I constantly getting people in the range of 30-45% win rate? Just because I'm a smurf and I have a decent WR (would be higher if I had actual teammates) DOES NOT mean I can carry these dog shit players. Why the fuck do you pair me with these dogs that can't even properly play the fucking game? EVERY SINGLE one of the matches I've lost ever since I started smurfing was because of the dog shit players that just DON'T listen at all to my pings. Like what the actual fuck? You give me shitty players that have anywhere from 30-45% win rate and the other team has players in the 50-55% win rate? How the fuck is that fair? Do you think I can carry these tards that have low WR? I will wait long for a fucking proper team that is at least 50% wr. Why the fuck do you give me these dog shit players man. FUCKING LET ME WAIT LONGER FOR 50% win rate SO I CAN CARRY THEM SINCE THEY HAVE AN ACTUAL BRAIN.
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