it's going downhill and i don't like it.

this is a half clutch rant, like i like the game but i think it's got a problem I don't think League is doing great. This game was my passion since season 1. There were so many great moments, so many great memories. But... right now I want to focus on something that really did it for me. And that is that my knowledge throughout the years in this game, whether macro and micro skills, is starting to deteriorate, due to the game just changing and becoming an abomination. reason is, there's no steady times for the game, it just keeps on changing every week or two which is NOT normal. Having more than 100 champs is NOT normal you see, the problem for the change, is the amount of champions they release! everytime a champion gets released they make everyone either buffed or nerfed or he himself or both same for items. that's a really huge issue, this is why everything in this game is not balanced. New items released and old items being removed. Now I just gotta ask you people, just a serious question. Do you people enjoy this game? is it filling the hole inside your schedule of the day? for me the answer is a big no. I really loved this game. Now, I just wanna say something in general, it shouldn't be related to the topic but. Why is riot mostly focused on making money now instead of making their game better? I mean they already made bank as they say, and same with any other game company. just think about it, a game company usually goes for good features at the start of a game project, then as it starts to get recognized for it's amazing features, they just stop making more good features and just let money flow in instead of paying attention to the people that use your game that was a project. Just think about it... Seriously, what's a developer's goal!? literally make money, why should he care about who uses his game? People like it, cool, my job is done, on to the next game. That is almost every game company today. It's like when will the players get to choose what they want for a game? why can't there be a community poll to make the game unique? let's take League for example because this game is special in this idea. League came out, blew up, Riot decided to make it better and so they did, untill like season 5 came. and that's where i think it should just stopped development and halt for a few months or maybe even years. Maybe very very small tweeks here and there. Or maybe just move on to the next game in development because they're currently a RiotGame and not RiotGames. that's all i got to say, It looks like a big mess, maybe i'm wrong, and maybe i'm just frustrated about this whole situation that I really liked this game and it just started to like... Die, and it is dying, when a game starts to pop out missions, new skins and modes, you know it is trying to find ideas for it to not die. Also don't take the last part that serious, just a speculation i have on the gaming industry, it's really worrying, give it a thought if you'd like. Good luck in the fields of justice? *Side note I didn't bother to spell check i'm very tired
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