Sona's General State

Disclaimer; Yes, i did just lose a game as Sona support and i'm pretty annoyed. Yes i know i probably shouldn't do this but hey, gotta vent somewhere. I wish Sona didn't rely so heavily on an offensive Rune setup to do damage. I wish Sona wasn't one of the easiest champs to kill in the game, or at least had the power to back up that weakness *in her kit*. I wish her heal didn't cost 100 mana, or healed more early on. I wish she had more agency in lane. I wish Sona had a stronger early game, and less of a godlike late game. I wish some of her ally-oriented power went back to herself. I wish i didn't have to wait for lvl 6 for a hard CC. I wish her base MS wasn't that damn low, even at the cost of losing her current E. Bonus round: I wish Sona had established lore. I wish she could reliably be played mid-lane as a mage as well as a support. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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