Quitting until next season.

This game has progressively gone downhill will all of the new patches, overbuffs, matchmaking, and over all this season has been complete garbage. I am done playing until: 1: Matchmaking doesnt place golds against bronze players. 2: Ranks actually mean something, to elaborate due to the terrible start of the season everything has gone completely wrong and this season is just unplayable due to terrible players being in the wrong elo. 3: Overtuned champions, Garen for example. He has an ability to reduce an opponents damage while doing damage and then when your low enough or you are doing well in another lane he can come ult you because you're the villain and you die? That's just one example of an overbuffed and overtuned champion. 4: People literally just int and nothing is done. Every game someone has a reason to get upset over the smallest thing and soft int or just split push until the games over. The fact that people are allowed to just soft int games over a few words is disgusting, this is a team oriented game you cant 4v5 unless you play near flawlessly and even then you can still lose. This game has too many issues internally and I personally believe that RIOT has not done enough to stop inters and continually react to people who flame. When a person cannot handle another persons stupidity what are they supposed to do sit there and take it wasting thirty minutes. On top of that if its a ranked game where competitive players want to get better why expose them to unwinnable games. With all of that being said unless i'm made a developer and I can fix these issues or a developer fixes them I am done playing the game until next season gl everyone who has to deal with this.
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