Toxic? YES! Penalties? NO.

What is the penalty for inting? nothing What can teammates do to punish inting? nothing Is there any consolation to the teammates? someone else just wasted their time in an unwinnable game, inb4 feeder kill gold is lower You're more likely to get banned than the inter if you even talk to them After they int the whole game they say "He was racist", ""report for flaming" every-time Why the hell is the honor system limited to only one person? Why the hell isn't there a tagging system to label people who never teamwork, throw, rage-quit, or int? Tell me what I'm getting into before we start a game Why the hell don't they get a queue penalty and de-prioritization? Why the hell did you remove the Tribunal? Why the hell does the game not record connection issues and then issue a "don't DC again" warning when they don't penalize actual rage-quiters & afkers? Why the hell does the game not tell the allies when they get the "re-connecting every 30 seconds" bug with only a ping of 20, people thought i was lying Why the hell aren't players pings on the scoreboard? why the hell should i wait for them to tell me? Why the hell do you need unanimous agreement to ff? Why the hell does the person who doesn't vote ruin a unanimous vote? Why the hell can't you ff before min 15? Why the hell can't you inform the game someone is afk? Why the hell is 50% winrate enforced? The game is determined by who has the inter, you can tell at first blood who will win, or if you get to min 15 the winners will be the team with any dragon buffs Why the hell is there no penalty for people who autofill into jungle or support, and then ignore the role entirely, picking someone with no cc, sustain, or kiting potential? If you make vertical jungle-ing so important and they have no experience, you're basically making honest players useless at best. are junglers and supports less important to the queue sorting? I played a game where there where 3 people in a club queued together, the banned both of the other players picks, flamed the whole game, and fed. Any reason? Because some people have fun by ruining others Any penalty? NO Any consolation prize? NO Why the hell don't they force account connection to a phone number? that would fix half the toxicity, and people could still have multiple accounts Riot wtf, i know for a fact its not better in ranked, and people are supposedly there to actually play the objective Riot Plz

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