im tilted and why adcs are bad or it sucks to play adc in low elo

Just had a game where i had 21 kills as ashe, but when it came down to it, we lost because amumu who had around 20 kills as well, basically 1v4 and we lost. To be fair tho, my teammates fed all game and it wasn't intentional I hope but they were just really unskilled. Had I played a champion who could 1v1 amumu, i could have won that game but i could not kill him. He was too tanky yet dealed enough damage to kill me because im squishy. The fact that you cannot 1v1 as adc and need your team makes adc weak in low elo because people don't know how to peel for you. I know I'm not the best player but it's just simple logic imo that an adc with no peel is basically weak because of their squishy nature. Meanwhile a fed yi can go yolo and win games easily in low elo with relative ease. hardly any effort required. I'm just very pissed because I lost and it felt like my teammates just didn't care about winning. They just kept running in and dying constantly and I get mad because I think maybe they are taking it easy because the game keeps saying i got a double kill or something. Because in games where I am doing bad, my team tries really hard to come back and we win mainly because they start to try. What makes me more pissed is that okay that's fine if people don't want to take blind pick seriously and just wanna goof off. But then if I wanna goof off like not attack the entire game, i get leaverbuster warning. If i run it down i get punished for intentionally feeding. Am I just supposed to play like im bad so my teammates try hard every single game? Because the biggest reason why I cannot get over a loss, is because I know next game history will repeat itself. If I do good, my teammates chillax and don't play seriously and we lose. But the games where i do bad, gives a wakeup call to my teammates to try hard. Am I just supposed to play like shit so teammates can try hard and i could win? Because it feels like shit when I lose most games that I do well in
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