This is an OBJECTIVE BASED GAME. Game doesnt give a fuck how "fed" you are....

....When the enemy takes the nexus while you are busy showboating over a 18/2 kda, ITS OVER. YOU LOSE. NO Do-overs, No "grand comeback". YOU LOSE! FINAL! Sitting around for 40 minutes waiting for the enemy to respawn so you can chase them again DOES NOT WIN THE MATCH. Each kill you get does not magically destroy a tower for you. So while you sit around showboating using your kda to shut your team up, or using their kda to invalidate any arguement they try to make does not work. I dont give a fuck how many kills you have the game doesnt give a fuck how many kills you have If the enemy focuses towers and objectives and takes your Nexus while you are patting yourself on the back, YOU LOSE. Its not your team's fault for not having as many kills as you, You do not get the "most kills" fact your kills are rendered WORTHLESS in a loss. Maybe next game you will actually PUSH LANES, TAKE TOWERS, TAKE DRAGONS. TAKE THE FUCKING NEXUS! If you want to play this game like its a fucking Call of duty TDM where you get to fight and showboat over who has most the community a favor and UNINSTALL! You obviously dont understand how an objective based game works, so why not go play call of duty, you can chase all your showboat kills even get killstreaks! You can have 100 kills and still lose if you dont take the damn towers, just sitting around the entire game waitng for the enemy to respawn doesnt give you bragging rights... Also...SUPPORT IS NOT A KILL-FOCUSED ROLE! get that through your fat skulls! Supports job is to keep your ass alive long enough for you to take towers, long enough to help you push in to win. Not to be shamed for not having as many kills as you. Support is a Utility based role. Means ASSISTING your lazy ass. as in the A in K/D/A (Kills..>Deaths...>ASSISTS) sick of being told how "useless" I am as support because apparently healing the team doesnt count as contributing to the team.
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