Im so tired of going into a draft match for a warm up etc and getting bronze 1/silver/gold 4 teammates and matching against a plat 1 100 lp adc and gold 3's... WTF is this Riot. EDIT: Just played a match today. I get 3 silvers and a bronze on my team. I face a Diamond 3 a silver and 3 unranked that which 2 of them are deff smurfing. THIS IS A GOD DAMN JOKE. RANKED OR NOT. Sickening. This is League of Legends ! Your telling me I cant get matched against people the same level as me? How come games 1/8 the size can get that right??????? What is the point of the auto rolls if the matchmaking is this terrible. If your pulling from such a big pool of people I should have NO PROBLEM getting my first selected role every time. SUS AF RIOT SUS AF. EDIT: Just got a full team of Irons and I am a Gold 4. LOVE IT. LOVE IT . LOVE IT.
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