fix match making please

So everytime i play a ranked game i get matched with people that are high silver and golds, i am currently bronze 1, there was not a single bronze player in my match, match making should be a fixed locked bracket system to only allow players of your skill level in your ranked games period. Its not fun to play this game against people that are way higher ranked. Please fix it so that if your bronze 1 the highest opponet can only be two tiers higher by tiers i dont mean gold, i mean bronze 1 can only be matched with bronze 3 to silver 3 in your game. Its not fun to try and play ranked when your curb stomped by a team because they are all higher ranked and are communicating better. Ranking this season has been too much of a pain. This needs to happen riot. Fix it for the casual players your professional players are only a small part of the community and its not fair to punish your larger group. Theres no need for people to want to throw their computer because of super bad and tilting games. Get rid elo crap too, you are what ever rank you are period elo or hidden elo is garbage for match making. Rank is rank. Same thing with unranked players smurfing if there unranked all players on a team must be unranked for arams as well as blind picks too and ranked get matched with appropriate rank for all modes. 5 v 5 aram and summoners based on your rank. Its really not fun to see diamond and above in a aram game.
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