Introducing... Constructive Pings

Want to let your top laner know they're an idiot for letting that Vayne get away with 5 HP (even though you're the ADC)? Want your jungler to scram so that you can kill two more minions and reach 25% on your exp bar? Want to tell that cowardly support where to shove it because they ran away instead of trying to fight that 3v5 (thus being the cause of your death)? Well, fear no more... for we have released... {{item:2050}} CONSTRUCTIVE PINGS Controlled using the alert ping system, so that you don't need additional hotkeys! This helpful little feature will make your pings EVEN MORE CONSTRUCTIVE than before! To use, simply do a standard "enemy missing" a.k.a. question mark (a.k.a. ?) ping on the appropriate champion on your team, and this will produce a tangible effect depending on context. For example... Top laner let Vayne get away with 5 HP? Ping them to deal 5000-14000 true damage (scales with level) to the enemy they last damaged, but only if that enemy has less than 1% of their max HP remaining. Jungler passing through your lane? Ping them to cause them to channel for 8 seconds, then teleport back to base. Cowardly coward on your team? Ping them to pull them to you (like a Thresh lantern) from within 4000 units so that they can get CC-ed and die with you. That's all, have fun everybody!
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