This is going to be very angry and very rude but i need to get this off my chest, youve been warned

Why the fuck do low elo shitters not want to get carried like i dont fucking get it Like i camp their stupid SHITTY LANES and help them. What do they do? CRY THEY CRY AND BITCH BECAUSE THEY CANT HANDLE SOMEONE NOT DOING PERFECTLY. Like my mental is fucking booming at these gold trashcans sitting their rage inting and afking because they just cant handle that we scale. Like the last THREE ranked games, they couldnt handle just not inting and just playing safe and SCALING. i dont fucking understand why you IDIOTS CANT JUST FUCKING SIT THERE AND LET ME CARRY U FUCKING ASSHOLES. put your FUCKING EGO DOWN and let me win you stupid fucks. you are the SOLE reason you lose your games. it's not your teams, it's not the enemy teams. it's YOUR STUPID FUCKING MENTALITY . Thank you for allowing me to get my anger out. I want to disclaim that not all low elo players are like this and im sure most of you are very nice and great, but sometimes some of you make my head come off and i have to refrain from typing bc im trying to be a reformed egirl gn

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