70% of Jungler's are clowns

Dear Jungler's Ranked is stressful. If you play ranked, you better know how to play your role, especially if you've had years to perfect and learn your champion/role. Especially if you are plat at diamond-high plat. Too often in ranked I see jungler's who have no awareness, ignore pings and have no regard for objective control. If you are a jungler, you are essentially playing a leadership role. Summoner's rift is objective based gameplay, NOT TDM ARAM. As a Top lane main I can't tell you how many time's I've had jungler's who completely ignore top lane all game. Doesn't matter if I'm fed, have a lead, pinging summoner spell cooldowns, pink warding for jungler, pinging for assistance, even typing "can you gank top please". It falls on deaf ears. As a Top lane main I understand top lane is an island, but at the same time, people need to realize that top laner's can carry/snowball especially if they have a lead.This BS strat of jungler's of ditching the toplane regardless of whether they do good or bad is just plain stupid. What's funny is when jungler's ditch their top lane all game, but get mad and angry when we don't respond when they ask for help. Regardless of whether or not we are super far behind, low hp, no ults or summoner spells etc. When I get completely ditched by my jungler's all game long, I almost feel like I shouldn't even leash them at their buffs at the start of a game. Wana ignore me? Fine I'll ignore you. Need help when the enemy jungle invades you? Tough luck you are on your own. It's karma B***H! Love, Top lane mains
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