Yuumi is Cancer

For as long as I can remember I've been banning Morgana. Even in lanes other than support I usually ban her anyway just out of sheer habit. I hate her ability to both shut down and create plays, it makes laning hell. But more recently I've been dealing with Yuumi spam. **Holy fuck is it unfun** I thought that Riot was getting better and more creative with their supports, and then this fucking shitstain came along. She's incredibly unoriginal and very primitive in champion design for a support. Shielding, heals, poke on Q, and CC-based R. She turns laning phase into a poke-filled hell of her Q-spamming and occassionally autoing you. She can recover from almost any bad scenario and can easily disengage her adc while being untargetable herself. Her late game strength often causes Yuumi players to simply sit on their adc and heal them every once in a while and just farm up. And there is nothing. you. can. do. Unless her adc becomes completely braindead, and even then, she will often escort them out with spam heal sustain and shields. She just feels like Janna but untargetable (in lane) and it's the most boring and uninteractive champion to lane against by a fucking long shot. The fact that she even made it in the game with her current kit honestly blows my mind, I don't know if Riot just creamed themselves at the idea of an untargetable shield poke heal spam support or if the beta testers lied to the poor soul who was hurt enough in their life to create such an unfun champion, and to whoever that poor poor person is, I'm sorry for whatever you're going through, I hope you're doing ok, but stay away from champ design for a while please.. Anyway, been going against this fucking tumor of unoriginality and cancerous design over and over recently, just wanted to rant about it. Sorry to anyone else who's been against this fucking garbage.
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