Why do people flame in ARAM?

I didn't pick this champ and you spam pinging me and being rude in chat isn't gonna magically make me know how to play them. > : / Every time I get Nasus I get flamed in ARAM to the point where its become a meme among my friends. I'm not good at Nasus by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I'm actually quite bad at Nasus - especially in ARAM. I don't know what it is about Nasus that causes people to have such high expectations and then get mad at me when I can't meet them, but it happens every time. Tonight it was enough to annoy me to the point that I might have even spam pinged back, though I didn't respond to the flamer in chat other than telling him to chill at the end of the game. Even still I should've muted him... I never do mute people for some reason. I guess its because most of the time it doesn't really get under my skin that much. But tonight it did and tonight I retaliated by spam pinging back... and I felt bad about that. I shouldn't 'cause this dude was rude, but I did because I don't want to add any more toxicity to this game. I like being nice in chat when I can and not feeding the fires of tilt. It was distracting enough that it made me do even worse on Nasus than I usually do - which is pretty damn bad. I had a pretty bad night overall in my ARAM games, but doing bad at Nasus always attracts someone to flame me. Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest because it was weighing on me and I felt bad about it. Hopefully next time I get Nasus in ARAM I can trade with someone. And next time I will take a breather and not ping back if someone gets on my case. It's ARAM its supposed to be fun and chill - I want to contribute to that fun and chill environment and not stoke my teammates anger.
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