Caitlyn Prestige Art Issues and how I fixed it with passion

Caitlyn Prestige Art Issues and how I fixed it
If you haven't seen the new Caitlyn Presitge Arcade Skin, its a pretty cool skin with a very nice recall animation. However the Splash art of the skin is very nice, BUT it isn't anatomically correct. While i was browsing youtube i discovered a video addressing the problem by TB Skyren.
So I made a post originally but like I see how people don't like the Splash Art for the new Cait skin so I photo shopped it so it looks better and the neck doesn't look like its attached to the shoulder. I allow Riot and its Artists to use as reference so they make the good art an awesome art. - Hydra If you right click both links and open in a new tab you can click on each one rapidly to see the changes! [Original Splash Art]( [My PS Splash Art](

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