Skill =/= victory

Grouping with you team isnt skill. Playing garen under your tower isnt skill. Realizing that as jax you have to play passive into renekton isnt skill either, altough people like to think so. Playing akali isnt skill. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Why is it that there are so many instances for skill expression that lead nowhere? That have no path to victory? I understand that you cant have a perfect game where everything skill expressive will directly lead to victory but there should atleast be an attempt to get close enough. Why is it that i can fb syndra as diana pre 6 and stomp on her with twice her cs and being 6/0 out of lane and still only be slightly closer to victory? Like the bottleneck is my inablity to group. Why does that decide the game, why cant my skillful outplay of syndra take me to victory? I'm not interested in grouping, i shit on my lane and im better than everyone in the game, just let me win. No creativity, just group. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Why is it that im extremely worn out and tired of the game before ive even began sniffing remotely high elo? Realistically, you gotta play hundreds of games as a first timer to do any significant climbing. Playing in silver is like learning to walk all over again. Been there done that, now let me run. I can guarantee you, that within 25 diamond games, i would be playing at a diamond level or above. But i have never been in diamond, so i dont know how to play in diamond, im forced to play with babyweight in the corner altough im deadlifting 500. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Why is it that i have no way of punishing an opponent whos sitting under tower for 15 minutes straight? {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Just for one minute, pull your head out of your ass and realize, that no riot doesnt know best. Yes they are a multi billion dollar company and yes they have countless hours of experience but they arent right. It is so incredibly evident, that the ranked system and the game itself is extremely flawed and mutes skill and promotes a few specific ideals that someone just decides was correct. most of these ideals are designed so average players can be interested in the game for a long time and feel success. In the interest of money i guess. Disgusting. its makes perfect sense. I can guarantee you, im correct, dont even doubt it. So evident. I really, really wish, we could all just boycot league, and we can dream, that maybe whoever is responsible has enough debt that we can still make an impact. doubtful but u know, gotta keep hope. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} And just to touch on that akali mention. Shes incredibly un-creative as a champ. akali can not under any circumstances require creativity while palying. Whatever she wants to do ingame, theres a button for it, once again, muting skill/creativity and promoting average players. Please argue with me, because im completely confident in my arguement and have already thought out my reply to whatever you can come up with. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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