Either Move or Get Rid of Duo Queue

Every single day, and almost every single match, I get matched against (but never with) a duo where, more often than not, one is smurfing and boosting the other. I send a ticket to the support staff, and what a shocker, nothing is done to punish the players. This is now incredibly fucking stupid. It's bad enough with the changes in ranked that the system is fucked for this season, but when nearly every single game I have to deal with boosting duo's (sometimes two boosting duo's on their team while I get fucking NONE), this is now the nail in the coffin for me. Solo queue is meant to be just that: SOLO. If I wanted a duo or a team, I'd queue for a duo or a team. This is fucking r%%%%%ed, this system is r%%%%%ed, the point of sending any tickets is now null and void and fucking r%%%%%ed.
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