Voli players are just the funniest

Hey guys, I don't need damage items to do damage. I have abilities that aren't hard to understand that my buddies son in preschool is now grand master with him I get a heal because if I make a mistake I can just wait a little more to do it again. For some reason I get a giant bite ability that isn't balanced in the slightest. It doesn't really take a brain to play me btw did I mention the preschooler? I take ignite too cause my abilities just can't do enough damage waaaah. Also I mostly ask for ganks top cause most players who play me are insecure little shits who can't really back up why their bad at the game and only win off of tilted teams or afks :) "Voli is balanced, you just have to respect he's a tough champ" - an actual voli main said this, point and fucking laugh.
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