i have not seen a game in which yasuo was not picked or banned in at least 6 months

title. cannot remember the last time yasuo has not been contested in champ select. he is, of course, banned more often than picked, but even so, if he's open, it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll be picked by someone. not particularly frustrated or anything i just wanted to let out my thoughts. i think this is the most apparent incident in cases like this as even when other champions are quite popular i've never really noticed that they influence every game i'm in - even when irelia was, you know, irelia, she could still slip past pick/bans and the game could be completely uninfluenced by her, but i've never really seen it happen for yasuo. pretty much since conq's been added he's been the champion whose icon you're going to always see, and if you're in blind pick the chances of you seeing two is very high. anyways just thought this would be good for the rant board
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