AP Shyvana

I recently had a game that left me with a satisfying feeling inside. It was versus an AP Shyvana. IMO, this BS shouldn't exist in the game, but, you know how it is. Some BS exists in this game. AP Shyvana is basically able to one-shot me and she was something like 6/0/3 in this game I played. Oh man does it feel sooooo good to win that game against her. Very satisfying to overcome these odds stacked against me, get all five members of my team to focus her properly and run it down mid to end her Nexus. Because she can one-shot me any time she wants to in any game I play against her. Thank You! Oh, and since this is a RANT... RIOT, please fix your game! Why do you not nerf AP Shyvana yet?!? Is it because of damage META?

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