Autofill is a failure in game design

Reason 1: League of legends is a game, and in a game you should ENJOY yourself. NOT be forced to play something you hate playing, which essentially makes you hate the whole 30 min match. Reason 2: A game should not dictate what you want to play as, YOU choose this game because YOU wanted to play something you like. Reason 3: Even though league exceptionally hates toxism right? **WHY DO THEY MAKE THE 4 TEAMMATES HATE YOU FOR FUCKING UP YOUR LANE WHILE YOU GOT AUTOFILLED IN THAT LANE ** How to fix: Give us an option to remove 1 lane you dont like (except top and mid because that would still not fix the queue time issue), dont base it on what "lesser" lane you like more like you do now, give US the control for once instead of your stupid analytics, else this game feels more like a job than a game. PS: Since when does a game have such a big rant forum! ** SO CLEARLY THEY KNOW THEY ARE DOING WRONG**
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