Toxic Environment

I am so sick of this game and the level of toxicity it produces, I thought that once I got into a higher elo it would be better but I was wrong. This game all about who has the more toxic team, it's so frustrating seeing people in games who flame when you don't do what they tell you or don't follow up when they do something stupid. For example I played a game earlier where my mid and supp flamed me due to the fact that I did not want to fight the enemy bot since we had fought a little earlier and lost, I was TRISTANA and wanted to play the scaling game, but no, that is a great reason to flame your adc and lose the game because I no longer want to deal with your shit, I will admit that when they went ballistic on me over it, I ran it down a few times because I wanted the game to be over as fast as possible, and I know i shouldn't have but I was so annoyed and I just didn't want to play anymore
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