i want to secretly strangle the EU/W boards team.

i will hate them forever. they were the reason i got so insane. they gave me a 129 years boards ban. And personally.. the environment provided was to blame. yes i acted up... why? Everyone else was too. Why was i banned for something so insignificant? it was during a damn crazy time. But riot just bullshits themselfs. They literally think it was fair! i got baited to lash out and i got banned. You know why i got banned? for being upset at being trolled over and over and over with no end for no reason. i was a nice friendly guy. Neither support nor anyone here has assisted. They are just taking the logs grabbed out of context. And using that as a meat shield. Fuck you riot... i wont calm down.... fuck you.. you wont let me calm down. i see that ban as a grudge. you cant let go.. then why the fuck must I? Honestly 129 years boards ban. In 11 fucking years never been banned or restricted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes riot the asshole you label me as... is your label. I go i eat my hat. i apologize. Riot demonstrates how many fucks they give. 0 Let me explain tyler1's so riot stop bullshitting them self. You banned him from access as with many others. You unbanned him but did not give his accounts back. So you told a everyone your not allowed to take candy. But then allow another due to pure pressure. i never rooted for tyler1 to be un banned. i don't care if rage is part of his act. He's still toxic. Your a? hypocrite.
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