Why are level 30's in silver 1-gold 4 games?

I just got to gold 4 and its so hard when you get these level 30 players. They are new to the game and shouldn't be in this elo. They just aren't as skilled as gold players yet. Every single time I get a unranked player or level 30, they always feed or don't know how to team fight because there NEW! They don't have enough experience playing the game. I had an 60% win rate on my main champ and 70% on my secondary champ so I'm not hard stuck until I started getting new players who just feed. Its harder to climb from silver 1- gold 4 then from silver 4 -silver 1. When will Riot actually put them where they belong in like low silver/high bronze and let them climb themselves than by over estimating there ability to play this game?
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