Middlesticks was nerfed like a hot potato, but Garen and Shaco get a slap on the wrist

Mostly a rant since I loved Middlesticks, but the moment it was seen competitively it was nerfed. Not by a little... completely. Patch 8.4 entirely removing his bonus damage to minions (doubling damage done to monsters). Guess what, still bottom ten junglers in the game. Now is not seen in any lane other than support, which he was already seen with similar play and win rate before the psuedo buff to supportlesticks and making harder to steal cs. Because these things weren't problems. Fiddlesticks didn't need clear added to E. He didn't need to not take CS as much because it still happens accidentally and he still E's the wave/champs every time it's off CD. Anyway, so they gut him with a skewer immediately because people (assassins) hate him. Mages like Ahri, Xerath, Lux could have a field day with him, but Talon, Fizz and Yasuo can't just walk into his face like other mages because he can fear them. Wah wah. Insta-nerf Middlesticks. Does your balance team only play AD assassins? Now what do we have? Garen UTTERLY stomping in nearly every single lane. Top? 1st win rate - in low AND high elos mind you. Middle? Top 5. ADC? Yup, he's there too. At least Fiddle is incredibly squishy and has to ground-target his ult, the spinning-top-of-Demacia has no ability that requires more than the right mouse button. And Shaco? Top 5 Jungler. Support? Top 5. These champions are now being brought to lanes they do not belong in, with incredible success far more than Middlesticks ever did. This is all in one, brainless patch mind you - Middlesticks took a very long time to catch on. It wasn't even relevant in higher elos because his skill ceiling was too low and he gets eaten up. And now they get a mini nerf. Not even ones that relevant. Nerf to Shaco boxes? You're tearing his jungle cheese early (what really sets him apart from other junglers) and doing nothing to the support cancer thats growing in bot lane? And Garen, whats he get? Tickles. By the way - every Garen main and avid top laners otherwise told you the pbe changes to him were going to break the game. They weren't joking, and you weren't listening. If Middlesticks is so toxic because of his "AFK wave clear" and point and click abilities, why are you buffing Shaco's point and click abilities, nerfing his skill ones, and making Garen an unstoppable war machine beyblade that can play in every lane? At least remain consistent in what you do and do not allow in your games Rioto.
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