The ever-changing meta is just a facade.

Seriously, two games in a row, I get pinned against bullshit. I get a Malphite that just bursts me 100-0 at level 6, even though he's down 2 kills. Seriously only won that because the rest of the lanes fed my team. I don't care if the difference may have been a Hexdrinker, that level of burst is just ridiculous, and I probably wouldn't have survived having been slowed anyways, also being that his burst is equally physical and magical at this point in the game (plus true damage from Ignite if used). It's also truly bad design if I have to rush counter items before I can even start building my core items, when I'm already ahead. Next game just a Vayne that facerolls because she just Q out of any skill shot CC or shoves away any attempts at assassins or lockdown tanks, all the while dealing %hp true damage to those tanks or critting like crazy on any squishies. Oh, and that's IF you get through the rest of the team. She's literally a Poppy with ranged attacks that deals the %hp as true damage, all the rolls in the world, and doesn't need to follow the enemy to "tackle" them to the wall or away. Either put the W as an active with a long cooldown, or put it as her ult and do something else in place of her W. Nasus is also another bullshit buff. Buff his Lifesteal, hey, cool, now buff his stack gains so he can scale said lifesteal twice as fast, because he didn't need either to begin with. Don't worry about the most effective and braindead slow either, it just means free ganks from center lane, no overextending required. Seriously, how long does shit have to be broken before you fix it? Oh, wait, Worlds is going on, so can't do that now, gotta sell those skins by buffing broken champions (**cough** _Riven_ **cough**). Let's not give a rat's ass if the problem is in lower elo only, either. Just funnel a hypercarry and let yourself get carried to easy wins, because game's gotta have hypercarries. Losing team manages to grind the onslaught to a halt? Hey, good thing hypercarries just need time, and all the time they can get, and it doesn't matter if Don't get me started on dumbass nerfs, either. Oh, hey, Gangplank Q and other on-hits like Ezreal are abusing Grasp and Kleptomancy, gotta nerf the abilities. Oh... shucks. Kleptomancy is a problem for other champions, too, our bad, let's nerf it and take ages to not accept fault and simply buff Gangplank in a different way, just dust the Q nerf under the rug. Ever-changing meta? Is that what they call it now? Quite the euphemism for such a lack of ability to pinpoint what's the problem, and, what the hell, go ahead and overbuff to your heart's content, because all you gotta do is create demand for skins. Balance is just player's dream, not a business strategy! Honestly, there are 145 god damned champions in this greedily-designed game. A "meta" isn't needed to be manipulated. Just balance the game properly and we have enough champions to freshen up our experience. _Be a metaslave or be rolled over by bullshit_ is **NOT **a good concept of game design, yet that's what you're doing here. Selling skins is natural, make em look cool, give em cool lines and wooshy wooshy animations. CS:GO does this, and skins sell. There's no meta bullshit because the game is built around mirror concept: Each team gets a shot at offense and defense, and has access to all of the weapons given they have the in-game money.

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