i'm main Fiddlesticks back since ages before you switched his (E) DMG to fit in (monsters) Jungle instead of (minions) just because people were abusing it in Support role when ADC players were getting confused of it.. (my English is bad) in Jungle if i put points in (W) (For large monsters Blue/Red) i will sacrifice (E) points for (Quantity monsters Raptors/Wolfs) if i put points in (W) and (E) i will sacrifice (Q) points for (Safety) + (Q) Fear needs at least 3 Points to reach (safety) Also there is no (Q) to help him at level 2 Scuttlecrab since (E) (W) used to push him up large and Quantity minions at Level 1/2 (ScuttleCrab) [[if you cannot bring back his (E) DMG to minions because it will be a problem in botlane..]] Rise up his (E) DMG in (monsters) since it is not enough (E) DMG in ScuttleCrab (W) DMG in monsters.. Riot you seriously left this champion off..
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