The attitude towards women in league reminds me a lot of r/NiceGuys ;

it's fucking hilarious. I made a post, someone called me bro, i literally **asked** why in league of legends the default term for people is always that they are male. A simple, non harmful question. Got absolutely mass downvoted ( yet accused of upvote botting on the actual post itself, wew fuck) and got told that im pushing an agenda and im the reason feminism is a joke blah blah lblah. Same incel rhetoric, different ign. Like literally any time i have ever expressed an opinion about women in video games i get called a feminazi bitch or whatever. MEANWHILE in actual games if my ign is "girly" i dont get taken seriously, i get told to play support, i get told that im a boosted egirl and that i should uninstall because girls cant play league. Like i cant actually win, it's literally a daily thing on my main and yet when i talk about hating it, even if just very briefly like "oh i wish people took me seriously and not characterized me based off gender" i get SWARMED by the literal definition of incels. I wouldnt actually be surprised if i get a comment like "Well maybe we would take you seriously if you didnt shove you being a girl down our throats, honestly you're the reason people act like this" I swear to god the song may change but the tune will always remain the same. It's wild. Rant over.
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