Excuse my language, but fuck platinum toxicity

Playing a game of ranked as usual. Champ select I get assigned bot lane the top laner says "can i adc plz im duod with support" I tell him sure but i dont play top lane at all and therefore i will not do well. They tell me its fine. I play kayle (legit the only top laner i can play besides like teemo and teemo seemed not too good into their comp) Surprise surprise I don't do well, i got dove by kled lv 1 until lv 5. I still managed to farm and push and solo get 3 turrets myself. So i still contributed and still helped out whenever i could. But this shit is so toxic and infuriating Like you KNEW i didnt play that role . You KNEW i wouldnt do well. I GAVE my role to your duo specifically so you could feel comfortable and synergized. And what do i get? "omfg kayle ur so bad never play top again wtf" GEE I wonder why i went top lane in the first place. Fuck you dick head.
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