Just let me drop out of Gold, Riot

I know you refuted my plea for LP buff back when your servers dropped me out of promos because I got DC'd because your new and unstable client. But now it's a different question. Please take me out of Gold. This is the worst ELO I have ever been in. Take away my season rewards, take away my ranked border, take away my LP so that I can have fun playing this game seriously. None of this is worth the constant shit storm that Gold is. I've just had my 4th game in a row where's there's been constant toxicity. Every game I get berated with people that just tell each other to kill themselves and then int their lanes. None of the bullshit that Riot offers is worth the mindfuck that I go through in each 20 minute game that I play. Ranked isn't a test of skill, not a test of teamwork, not a test of luck. It's a test of mental durability through the worst things that could be said. And even when you survive the death threats and the persuasions of self harm... there's no reward. Nothing. You get to live another day knowing that people in this world hate you because of what you played in a video game. And at the end of the day that's what League of Legends is. This shit filled cesspool of slurs, hateful comments, and death threats is what 60 million+ people play on an almost daily basis. And this is all not mentioning that none of these people get banned. I report every single person that is just awful to play with, and all I get is "Your report has been submitted". I'm sure my reports mean nothing to Riot now after reporting so many awful people. Thanks for ruining a game, League of Legends Community. I'll remember you when I ever have a bad day. Then maybe you'll get your wish.
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