I suppose I need a coach or something? Help deal with toxic behavior

SO in my past experience for this week i lts been really shitty with the game. I know i know welcome to league right? Sure we all know the community is toxic but at this point i don't know is riot can fix that. Blaming them isnt going to help and to deal with the toxicity just mute. However i cant seem to let people slide with the way they treat others. Course if i speak out against the carry and the way they are treating everyone i get reported. I speak out cause someone isnt playing with the team they threaten to afk and then i get reported. Its very tilting. So i suppose i just need someone to help me “reform” in riots words so i figure fuk it might as well ask for some help right? Im on my second offense and don't really feel like dealing with a two week ban. I cant say or debate whether or not both sides are actually being looked at but meh. So if anyone is willing to sit with me through a couple of games to talk and coach me through some games is appreciate it. Or maybe just to talk about how to help maybe. Doubt anyone will post here but its worth a try
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