What happened to Tahm Kench...

What happened to Tahm Kench almost made me quit league of legends. Tahm kench was a broken champion and he deserved a nerf, his stats were broken and he was impossible to fight in lane. I loved tahm kench and I have been an OTP since his release and I loved him. His kit was perfect and I adored his play style in top lane. This season he was a broken champ this season and his numbers with grasp were really high. He deserved a nerf but the removal of his abilities stacking passive and his q resetting passive were integral to his kit. He had a playstyle similar to that of darius, very oppressive in lane and strong snowball potential. Now that he has had his kit changed and his ability to lane wrecked he has to build attack speed to be useful, but that isn't why I loved tahm, now his play-style is boring and not what I enjoyed. I have been desperately trying to find a champ to play in place of him but I'm struggling. I just want to play someone that I can learn to love like I did tahm It genuinely hurt me to see what happened to him and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to play this game and have fun now that my favorite champion for 3 seasons now has been ruined.
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