So when did they change Master Yi to be able to outright IGNORE stuns and knockups?

I just got out of a game where an enemy Master Yi was, as the title suggests, ignore every bit of hard cc we threw at him. Like, for example, I would knock him up and as the VERY FIRST LITTLE PIXEL of him starts to rise up from the knockup, he Q's, does full damage to me, then autos me twice and I'm dead. Our Yuumi was able to, in countless team fights, able to hit every single wave of her ult on him (and he wasn't even ult'ing, himself), yet his character would pause for an absolute micro-second, barely noticeable but it still hit, and he'd just Q whatever was nearby (sometimes champs, sometimes minions), and kill everything. I'm sorry, Riot and board members, but me being a lowly Iron player doesn't change cold, hard facts that YOU PEOPLE say, "just stun him" or something as if that's literally all we can do besides ban him, and then when that doesn't work (we don't even have a window of opportunity to damage him, or at least significantly, before the Q goes off), all I can say is that the only conclusion that one can come to is that either Master Yi is bugged (wouldn't be a surprise) or that I'm just encountering flagrant CHEATERS now. It is absolutely stressful for me to even CARE to try when these sorts of things happen and I'm just LIVID that this is even an issue I feel like I have to bring up AT ALL!
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