I got a chat restriction for this?

Game 1 Pre-Game Wipzzlol: i legit Wipzzlol: claimed lee Wipzzlol: and you banned him lol; Wipzzlol: rofl Wipzzlol: like legit our team banned who we claimed we were going to play Wipzzlol: gg loss of lp someone dodge Wipzzlol: already picked elise ya tard Wipzzlol: fiddle please Wipzzlol: dont jungle Wipzzlol: go mid Wipzzlol: like what Wipzzlol: report them Post-Game Wipzzlol: how do you legti avoid every fight and go 0 / 3 mid Wipzzlol: like i don't get this shit Wipzzlol: yeah hope you get this fid and TF on your next game Wipzzlol: no this fiddle TLDR; This Fiddlesticks banned my jungle, and my bots support, laughed about it, didn't help teamfight, and cost us all LP and I'm the one banned for it? I don't even believe that I said anything offensive or worth a chat restriction. People like this that legit troll in champ select and in game, then report someone and get them restricted make this game and community a terrible place. And I really enjoy this game, but once again, I don't believe I said anything worth this restriction.
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