I think League Of Legends is a good game, but I also hate it, so passionately. It's not the fact that the game is bad, it's just the people who play it. People are so toxic, and sometimes one person can just destroy other peoples enjoyment of this game. I'd say this game is literally destroying my life, little by little, sitting in a game, so winnable at start, but someone starts tilting 40 mins is wasted. 40 mintues gone. 40 minutes that I cannot get back because someone STARTS TILTING AND WE LOSE THE WHOLE GAME. im so done. i uninstalled. this is a new step and i think its the right direction to take. I have dropped a drug that is causing be to lose braincells. goodbye, and goodluck having inters in your guy's game. -One more thing, it's stupid how people troll and not get banned, but when you flame the troller, you get banned. IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE. good bye- 90 day no fap challenge 1000 year no league challenge.
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