This game needs Anti-Cheat !

Was just playing a game tonight, and watched a {{champion:157}} using third party scripts / hacks to partially automate gameplay. Basically looked it up on YouTube because the player kept doing the same tactic perfectly every time after looking it up I found a script / program that totally automates game-play to a certain point which can do things like "Auto Cast Spells", as well as movement prediction especially with Yasuo Q giving players a huge advantage using third party scripts / cheats vs those who don't. I believe I found the name of the cheat being used, and it likely will work for other champions too, but some type of anti-cheat needs to be put into game to prevent this shit. **It's really likely the person in question could be a paid Elo Booster, I reported them for third party scripts / hacks.**, but still haven't seen any Anti-Cheat in the game yet.
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