ARAM sucks.

Option 1: Absolutely demolish the enemy team with little to no resistance because you got a decent team. Option 2: Get absolutely demolished by the enemy team because you got a shitty team. There is rarely anything in between. I don't know what changed, but I feel like it didn't used to be like this. Played tons of ARAM, and sure there was always snowballing one way or the other, but at least SOME matches were close. You'd get that 1 in 10 game that went nexus to nexus and lasted 40+ mins in a knock down drag out slobberknocker. But now its just decided at champ select and you either get to spend 15 minute roflstomping or spend 15 minutes waiting for the next game, and its garbage. I guess its good for practicing dodging skillshots or something, idk.
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