Leavers and Ranked Games: There has to be a better way

Just got out of a Ranked game where our Marksman ragequit at level 4(!). Of course, this was during a Promo match. Despite the struggle, the 4 of us remaining powered through and were actually turning the tides until our Yi got cocky and threw. It's cool, it happens. You know what's not cool? Falling out of Promos AND losing 34(!) LP because our teammate ragequit less than 10 minutes into the game. Riot, what's up? I thought this was a team game? Why are we being punished for our teammate leaving - something we have no control over? There has to be a better way. Why can't those of us who played through to the end be LP loss protected? Surely if the game detects the player has left, and is still gone when the game ends, you should be able to stop an LP loss - this is already in place for Remade matches. If you're afraid of people intentionally leaving to 'save' their team from losing LP, why not double the LP loss for the player who closed the game? Why not halve the LP loss for the remaining players so at least the hit is softer? Hell, why not offer a rematch to players in promos, even if it's only one per tier? I'm frustrated. Not because I had a leaver. Not because we lost. Not even because it cost me my promos one day before end of season. I'm frustrated because it feels like you could do better, but aren't.
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