I am level 340 something..stuck silver 1 and 2..mainly 2..Sometimes I get lucky and go on a win streak..have good teams , because. Coinflip....Next thing you know they start giving me hard teams, rough , poopier teams. How does riot expect you to climb. The MMR system is so flawed, and other players even share my pain. They have enemy teams that are smarter, even poor soraka players. I feel bad for the supports because it isn't fair. But as a mid main when the enemy adc roams top at like 10 minutes, what are you supposed to do, when your top has dark harvest as aatrox, it's very tilting. And this game is so tilting and unfair that it makes you cry because riot is a company that gives no fucks. Either you lose enough games to actually get smarter teams, OR EVERYTIME YOU LOSE ALOT, you get good teams again. It's really not fair. YOU GET THE GOOD TEAM. OR ADEQUATE TEAM ENOUGH TO CARRY, YOU WIN. All riot cares about is money it feels like. Not even trying to adjust the matchmaking system. I love my champ leblanc, and I can never carry with her do to how hard it is , in silver. I've watched youtube videos where they said silver is not neccessarily low elo, because people in diamond just get boosted and whatever else. It's super frustrating as a silver player to not be able to carry from the mid lane. I try my best, most times I win unless my tilt corrupts me because my top laner lost lane and the enemy top laner is over here in my lane already . Like riot, please fix your system. No one can 1v9 or carry hard. Because 1 or 2 people is all it takes to bring a team down.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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