Forced Kindness

What is the absolute fucking point in forcing me to act kind to the other fucking lobotomized apes of my elo? I don't fucking care about how they feel, I don't fucking care about sportsmanship or whatever crap Riot spews, and I sure as hell don't fucking care if they kill themselves in their own room 20 minutes after for being weak-willed genetic dead ends. I'm forced to kind with people at my place of work all fucking day and then have to do it all over again to even play this fucking game due to Riot's absolutely dreadful excuse of trying to enforce a 'friendly' environment. I don't want to be friendly to the queer Jungle feeding kills to the Riven, I don't want to friendly with the mid Kog'Maw getting absolutely annihilated by the first pick Zed, or the duo botlane with an average of 10% winrate in 500 games. I'm fed up with the stupid formalities and fed up with this stupid fucking company forcing me to play nice with all the other r%%%%%s who play this fucking game with me.
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