Rage quit = no punishment. It's obvious from how often it happens.

Game after game after game is decided when someone rage quits. At least in low elo. idk about high elo but down here it is insane. The fact that it is this frequent tells me that leaverbuster is utterly unenforced. Seriously, I have zero fear of just leaving a game because based on how often it happens and how long it takes to get an account to 30 so it can play ranked, there is obviously no penalty imposed. Punishments need to be swift and severe. I no longer care if it is accidental dc or rage quit. If you leave for more than 5 minutes mid game or less than 5 minutes but game ends before you return, please impose AUTOMATIC 1 week no ranked play. If fault is determined, please make it 2 weeks automatic on first offense. This is horse manure. And please require phone number authentication for an account. Make it hard for the trolls to have multiple accounts to ruin others' games. If there was actual consequences, there is no way this would happen this often.

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